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Wild Bee²

Holistic handmade bee cosmetics, from bees to your skin.

'Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it.' - Andy Warhol

Sensitive skin? Looking for something different?


Don't tell it's a secret

Our story


Because I have overcome a serious illness I am even more aware of the importance of the cosmetic products I use on my skin. I use products that don't contain any harmful ingredients, like xenoestrogens. That is why Wild Bee² was my choice, since it is natural.


For me it is very important that I can really trust the producer especially when they claim that they use only natural ingredients. Among all creams I use Anti age bee's cream most often since it absorbs very well, it's natural and it is not too grassy.

Mary Anne

As a very demanding user of organic products, I totaly fell for Wild Bee². The hand cream is fantastic, anti age cream hydrates and feeds my very dry skin, shampoo makes my hair shiny. The lip balm is just the best you can get at this moment.


Did you know...

That more than 70% crop species which provide 90% of the world’s food are pollinated by bees? Without bees there is no life. Take care of the bees and support beekeeping.

Let the wild spirit of bees and its understanding of natural cycles, taking care of every detail and accepting perfection as its lifestyle, be your guide as well.