My family is involved in beekeeping for over 30 years. We come from a small & beautiful country Slovenia, the home land of the world's nicest bee - Apis Mellifera Carnica. Beekeeping is in our genes already. Did you know that Anton Janša from Slovenia was the first beekeeping teacher in the world at the imperial court in Vienna, Austria in 1770? 

Beekeeping started as a hobby for us. Soon it developed and became our lifestyle. Still, we like to keep the farm small and personal so the quality of honey and products stay high. 

Since bee products have such great characteristics we started to create organic creams, shampoos & soaps with honey, propolis, beeswax, etc. People encouraged us to take it up to the next level - so we did. If you like what we've created, try it out and let us know:) 

Why use our bee cosmetics?

  • Based on natural ingredients only,
  • No parabens, no silicones, no mineral oils, no  vaseline,
  • No paraffine, no colorants, non-GMO,
  • Made from ingredients from a beehive - propolis, honey, beeswax,
  • High quality,
  • Gentle formula extremely nice to your skin,
  • Suitable for vegetarians.

I can personally promise you the high quality of our cosmetics & products. We take care of the bees with love and respect since we are fully aware that we humans are 100% dependable on bees. Without bees, there is no life, since we will not have anything to eat - no bees, no pollination, no food. Bee cosmetics we sell & produce helps us fund and support our beekeeping farm. We take care of our bee products with love and affection since we and our bees know that only the best is good enough, 

Andraž Šegš - founder & beekeeper


Andraž - beekeeper & founder > like John from the video:)

Beekeeper and enthusiast. Coming from a family owned beekeeping farm with more than 30 years of tradition. I am developing cosmetics & brands connected with nature and bees for more than 6 years. Responsible for everything:) 

    Apis Mellifera Carnica - our bees

    Our bee families are named Apis Mellifera Carnica - the world's nicest bee in our opinion, they are very calm and nice. We take care of our bees with respect and keep the farm small so that beekeeping stays personal and small.

      My production team

      A team of experienced professionals helping me develop and produce premium cosmetics with their knowledge of chemistry, pharmacy, regulations, and cosmetology. High quality demands teamwork, knowledge & experience.


      Manica - Design & Aesthetics, Quality Control

      When you think something is designed or made really well it will be so only when it passes the quality control test. When you think it's perfect it ain't. There is a way to upgrade perfection to a higher level:)

      THE MAGIC TOUCH OF A HOLISTIC APPROACH - read it, use it:)

      • We try to encourage you to use a holistic approach when it comes to beauty and good looks.
      • A shiny and healthy skin is a result of actions you take, not just a DNA you were born with. 
      • In order to achieve the full potential that was given to you, try to see yourself as a complex organism consisting of body, mind, and soul.
      • All the elements consisting the body need to be properly taken care of if you want to achieve true beauty, the wise now it:)


      • eat healthy food with whole grains & vegetables & fresh organic fruit and try to eat every three hours, not too much, just enough to reduce hunger 
      • if you eat quality food you will need less of it and don't eat too much in the evening and before sleep
      • drink fresh water and fresh juices
      • be physically active at least 3 times per week for at least 30 minutes
      • go out in nature and breath the fresh air and feed yourself with the energy nature provides you with - it's free!
      • avoid too much negative stress with mediation & yoga and work in a pace that suits your energy mood and ability, don't compete & perform all the time, learn to take a break and lower your guard even if it is only 5 minutes
      • balance your energy so that at the end of the day you don't empty yourself energetically, and even if you do, take time to recharge (take a shower, go to a sauna, go out in nature or just meditate for a while)
      • learn how to balance your activities daily so that the energy level doesn't drop too much
      • bee aware that low energy level suck the life out of your body and consequently the aging process is faster since the body cells and organs can't rejuvenate fast enough and can't protect themselves effectively and that is why your immune system degrades step by step
      • take 5 minutes and think about what you will change in everyday life, we are sure you could improve it:)